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sam anthem
 selected work
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a project about banned/challenged books; performance and research; wearable with microcontroller movement-to-sound technology
“What’s Inside”audiovisual performance projecting real MRI images of my body onto and beside it, enacting and inviting fabulation of medical images 
“Together We Share”
 a performance for a crowd
“Lessons from an Elm”
interactive site-specific installation w/ a history-rich American Elm Tree
“Botanical Telephone Line”
interactive installation playing with biosonificatory expectations
“This is a Guitar”
interactive found wood sound sculpture  
Steel Pipe Woodwinds
instrument construction, performances with electronics
“Improvisations with Philodendron”
iterative art/research project about human-houseplant relations, philodendron, and biosonification technology

What’s Inside

Performed March 3, 2024 @ The International Museum of Surgical Science
IMSS Performance Grant | DCASE’s Chicago Arts Recovery Program

“What’s Inside” is both the result and expression of my recent experiences being medically imaged and looking at those images. Through encounters between moving body and dynamic projections of medical images of that body counterposed onto it, the piece explores the potentials of medical technology to not only objectify and mechanize but also fabulate and expand bodily imaginaries. The audiovisual+movement performance constructs various feedback systems across realtime Max/Jitter, stable diffusion fabulations of my medical images, recorded and manipulated sound of the MRI machines that imaged me, a muscle sensor controlling sound and visuals,  and improvised bodily movements. 

Still Images: 

photos taken by Eugene Tang